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Academic Integrity

Honesty and integrity are topics of increasing importance in all areas of life in Canada and beyond. At UOIT, the highest academic standards are encouraged among students, faculty, instructors and teaching assistants. Academic Integrity is about ethical behaviour in one's research and studies; it is a key component of good academic practice.

This Academic Integrity website contains information about all areas of academic integrity and honesty for all members of the UOIT community, including students, instructors and staff. Here, you will find handbooks for students and instructors to help you navigate the complexities of academic integrity, learning modules and quizzes, forms and policies, and teaching resources.

Using the website

The website is designed to allow you to access information about academic integrity quickly, but also to find additional resources. For students, there are five learning modules and quizzes that are intended to teach you about academic integrity and how to avoid committing an academic offence. You can download your quiz scores or print out a certificate of completion. For instructors, you can assign the learning modules and quizzes to your students. You can find resources intended to help you teach your students about academic integrity. You will also find a handbook that will help guide you in dealing with academic misconduct, as well as links to official policies on academic misconduct and forms to report misconduct.