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Professional Conduct

While different from Academic Conduct policies, Profesional Conduct policies are still tied to ethical behaviour. Several profesions have very specific preofessional codes of conduct that people in those professions must abide by in order to become a member of that profession and remain in it. Even if your job or career does not fall into these specific codes of conduct, most employers require their workers to follow codes of conduct that may be applied to behaviour during work hours and outside work hours. Unethical and/or unprofessional behaviour can result in job loss or worse.

UOIT's Professional Conduct policy

From UOIT's Academic Calendar: "5.16.2 Professional unsuitability: Students in programs leading to professional certification must demonstrate behaviour appropriate to practice in those professions. Where a dean determines that behaviour inconsistent with the 27 norms and expectations of the profession has been exhibited by a student, that student may be immediately withdrawn from the program by the dean or subject to one or more of the sanctions described below. A student demonstrating professional unsuitability may be immediately suspended from any practicum, fieldwork or similar activity at the discretion of the dean pending a final decision."