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Course outline template and Turnitin

Using a course outline template can help to ensure you include all the important information that your students need and that the university requires.

The Course outline template is available on the Teaching and Learning website.


Instructors wishing to use Turnitin should contact the Teaching and Learning Centre for training and assistance. Contact the Teaching and Learning Centre via email: or phone extension 2816.

Turnitin’s OriginalityCheck feature can help instructors and TAs detect plagiarism by comparing student work to an extensive online database. Turnitin compares student papers to the current and archived web (over 24 billion pages), other student work (over 300 million papers), and millions of journal articles. As a learning tool, Turnitin helps students see and understand the importance of proper citation and referencing in their academic work. You can set up a Turnitin assignment so that students can submit papers as many times as they wish up to the deadline. Once the deadline comes, the assignment currently submitted is the final version. By allowing students to see the originality report prior to final submission, students can ensure their papers are not plagiarised in any way.

Turnitin stores student work to a database and is used by instructors to collect evidence of academic dishonesty in conjunction with Ontario Tech University's Academic Integrity policies.

Students access turnitin via an account or assignment set up by the course instructor. To get help with a turnitin account, please contact the Teaching and Learning Centre at or extension 2816.

Instructors wishing to use turnitin must include the official statement in their course outline. By including this paragraph, Ontario Tech assumes that all students have consented to the use of the tool. This paragraph is included in the Ontario Tech course outline template, available on the Teaching and Learning website. Be sure to discuss the course outline, including Turnitin, at the beginning of the term.

Students have the right to opt out of Turnitin. At the time the work is assigned, students must inform their professors that they are not giving permission to have their work submitted to AND sign the Assignment Cover Sheet (link opens in new window). The student should meet with the professor to determine what steps would be required to ensure the authenticity of the student's work. This may include handing in all copies of any resources referred to in the paper as well as any notes, drafts and other development writing of the paper. The requirements must be determined with the professor at the time the work is assigned, NOT on the due date.

Proper citation and referencing methods should be made clear to the students as part of the requirements for the assignment.

For review, students wishing to opt out of turnitin must follow these steps:

  • When work is assigned, the student informs the professor that they will not give their permission to have the paper submitted to
  • Student discusses with the professor how they will prove the originality of their work
  • Student keep copies of all documents, articles, notes and drafts used in the development of their paper
  • When they hand in the paper, they attach the Assignment Cover Sheet
  • The paper is accompanied with the required documents