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Course Outline Template

Using a course outline template can help to ensure you include all the important information that your students need and that the university requires.

The Course outline template is available on the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) website


Turnitin is software used to identify text in a submitted paper that matches text in other sources and to provide feedback on student papers. Turnitin can be used directly within Canvas.

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin gives you the ability to generate similarity reports, which indicate the percentage of matching text in a student paper compared to online journals, periodicals, websites, and the Turnitin repository. The tool highlights matching text so faculty and students are able to see which portions of text match other sources.

Turnitin is a learning tool. In an effort to promote academic integrity and provide students with a clear visual of the amount of text that may directly match other sources in their written work, Turnitin assignments may be useful. If you choose to enable students to view their similarity reports and re-submit before the due date, they can identify areas in which they neglected to properly paraphrase or summarize before the final draft is submitted.

You might also be interested in utilizing Turnitin’s feedback tools. You can provide inline comments, use embedded rubrics, and add voice notes in Turnitin assignments. Turnitin also offers peer graded assignment and revision assignment options.

More details and resources about Turnitin are available on the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) website