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Dealing with Major Academic Misconducts

Major Academic Offence: Work is worth more than 25% of the final grade or is a repeat offence; or the nature of the offence is severe; or the offence is related to a Final Exam

  • You may wish to meet with the student as part of your initial investigation/assessment, but such a meeting is not required. The main reason for an initial meeting would be that you are not completely sure that the student committed academic misconduct and meeting with the student may assist you in reaching a firm conclusion. 
  • If, after this meeting, you determine that the student did not commit misconduct, you may drop the case and notify the student and Academic Advising that you have done so. 
  • If you are certain that the student has committed any form of major misconduct, you are not obliged to meet with the student.
  • Once you are certain that academic misconduct has occurred, collect all relevant materials and organize the information in such a way that someone else can easily see where the misconduct has occurred.
  • Submit all documentation of the misconduct (including the work at issue, copies of articles or research materials, assignment details, syllabus and grade breakdown, records of any meetings with the student, and any other relevant material), with a completed Report on Academic Misconduct form (please include the student’s email address) to the Chair of the Faculty Academic Integrity Committee (FAIC) or Dean’s delegate. (Depending on the process within your faculty, you may be required to submit directly to the Dean or to the FAIC Chair or to the Academic Advising Office.)

**Supporting evidence must be detailed and accurate to ensure that the process is fair for all involved**

IMPORTANT: Please do not release assignment grade to the student or submit a final grade; use an INCOMPLETE (INC) grade until after the Committee has reached a decision.

Get form to report a lesser academic offence [download Word doc to your computer]

Get form to report a major (more serious) academic offence [download Word doc to your computer]